Sacred Tours


Jeremy Donovan invites you to walk alongside him in the footsteps of Australia's ancestors.

Jeremy believes that only when we can share an experience, we can we begin rebuilding the fractures of history. Australia’s Aboriginal Culture has existed for over 60,000 years through the constant sharing of stories and tradition. You are now being invited to join Jeremy and his family to share the ancient stories and to experience the teachings of the land, the traditions of his ancestry and to truly connect to this land and its history.

The sense of connection, the greater understanding of this country with its secrets and memories, and the sense of belonging, is the gift you receive when you walk with Jeremy on this sacred journey.

It was Jeremy’s Dream to give people a ‘Sacred Kuku Yalanji Experience’ and allow people the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the Ancestral History of Australia. This tour will give people the opportunity to connect to the land and the culture and in doing so, allow them the opportunity to connect with themselves. This is a life changing Transformative Experience that is available to all.