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KEY NOTE SPEAKING – Walking With Wisdom

Jeremy 'Yongurra' Donovan – Speaks and presents with absolute commitment to the truth that runs though his veins. This passion allows him to Walk With Wisdom, to share it with such captivating eloquence that people are touched at their core. When in the presence of a speaker of such world-class caliber, you are able to receive the messages and the ancient wisdom in a life changing way. Jeremy's ability to impart knowledge, information, awareness, teachings, insights with his depth of cultural understanding, is a gift to all who are prepared to listen.  Jeremy Donovan is one of Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal Keynote speakers. Jeremy will draw from personal life experiences to some of the current battles people of today can often face from both sides of his heritage.Jeremy is full energy and his words are eloquent and bold. Described as Dynamic and Uplifting and Most Inspiring Australian Speaker i have seen in years (NESA 2010).





“After listening to Jeremy Speak, I have a sense of pride about being Australian that I have never felt before. INSPIRATIONAL” (NESA 2010)                     

Jeremy is very professional and flexible which enables him to easily adapt to local conditions.  As a multi-talented solo artist he was able to deliver a great program which touched on a variety of themes, including indigenous art, music, dance, culture and history.
(Stephen Foster – Australian Emabassy Sri Lanka)

Without a doubt Jeremy Donovan brings a wonderful  and authentic energy in his presentation.   We had the privilege of having Jeremy involved with our International Congress where he charmed and mesmerized delegates from all around the globe and also at our National Conference.   Jeremy is a delightful person whose creativity, passion and joy has an indelible impact on delegates.   Jeremy takes his audience collectively and personally on a wonderful journey.  He is a genuine storyteller of another level and brings such a depth of beauty and sincerity that is truly spellbinding. 
(Carole Gregson – NESA Conference Manger)

“It was as if I could not hear his words, only feel them, I could not stop the tears. Jeremy's story touches something in Everyone." (NESA 2010)

“Hearing Jeremy’s story I have never felt more connected to Australia”


As a keynote speaker at conferences and conventions, Jeremy Donovan, will speak on a range of topics, with powerful presentations that know doubt will impact the lives of all in attendance.  Creating empowerment and profound realisations. With the wisdom of one well beyond his years, Jeremy delivers profound understandings in a deeply moving and honest way.


Educational – Inpirational – Challenging – Creating Change


Over coming adversity –

Having Jeremy share this Story with your clients and staff will allow them the opportunity to see the potential in all the many challenges that present themselves through life. This will empower your clients and staff to see how they can meet the challenges of work life on a day to day basis. This is an insight into the personal life of Jeremy Donovan. Jeremy speaks candidly about the struggles with understanding identity overcoming Drugs and Alcohol and to forge a positive path in life.  Jeremy's stories are as moving as inspiring as he reveals the steps to 'Walking Free'. 

Eyes Of Judgement –

This is moving Keynote filled with energy and LAUGHS. Using personal stories of Judgement, Jeremy allows audiences to realise how the 'eyes of judgement, are more often eyes of betrayal'. Jeremy reflects on how our society has become so dependant on how we see people opposed to judging individuals on their truths.This topic is an important insight for all your conference attendees in teaching and sharing ACCEPTANCE of our Contstant changing environments

Traditional Healing and Its importance in Modern Australia

This Keynote will Give your attendees something to consider and think about. After the recent devastation that has been experienced in Australia. Jeremy will share information about how people on this land have been dealing with these events for thousands of years and what we as individuals can do to support the healing and rebuilding process. Through this Keynote Jeremy Donovan will speak to audiences about the traditional understanding of healing, and how people misinterpret the word healing for 'Cure'. Jeremy will allow insights into traditional understanding of how the physical body and the spiritual exist together. Through Jeremy's majestic weaving of words he brings the realisation of the need to experience these traditions to gain a greater understanding to the land we live.

Healing your Ancestral Wounds-

As Jeremy Shares this Keynote, audiences are familiarised with patterns existing in their own behaviors and lives. Jeremy Donovan has gained great recognition speaking nationally and internationally on this topic. Jeremy reveals how often we only look at the pain as a physical form e.g., inflicted from our upbringing, negative relationships. Traditionally The Kuku Yalanji believed that you could inherit pain from genetics that create patterns of behavior that are not taught. These Ancestral wounds are stored memories on a cellular level, Using traditional healing methods of vibration with the Yigi Yigi (Didgeridoo) this vibration can allow us access to the healing of these negative stored wounds.


Understanding Aboriginal Culture Today

This is a topic Jeremy Donovan speaks powerfully on as he brings to life stories of his own experiences living as an Urban Aboriginal still deeply connected to cultural ways. As you listen to Jeremy speak you can feel the pride that Jeremy has in the ancestral History of Australia.

Walk With Wisdom.

Jeremy shares something that all Australians share, patriotism to how lucky and beautiful Australia is. Jeremy Speaks of the importance sharing an experience to break down the walls of separation that exist between non indigenous and indigenous. ' Only when we sit together or walk together will be able to re write the wrongs. Constantly reliving the painful past is walking Backwards, we should never forget but we should walk free and forward. While listening to Jeremy speak, you will be taken on a journey that will connect you with the true vibration of Australia. Giving all Australians and people alike a true sense of Australian pride.