Experience Traditional Healing

Using the Ancient Yigi Yigi (Didgeridoo), Traditional Chants and Bodywork, As taught by his Grandfather and Elders Jeremy can take people deep into the realms of the Dreamtime.

Jeremy sees clients for 90min private sessions. Jeremy offers an insight into the traditional healing practices of the Kuku Yalanji people from Far Northern Queensland. The vibration of the Yigi Yigi (Didgeridoo) on and around the body accompanied by the chants is something that has been practiced in Northern Queensland for in excess of 5000yrs. When learning this tradition there is a language that you are taught that resonates with the three major Brains or energy centres within the body, these are Gumbalanya(Stomach), Gupaanyung(Heart) and Duulpuruu(Mind).This ancient and traditional healing method is designed to support the movement of negative stored energy that when embodied can create sickness and physical imbalances. The Didgeridoo's vibration enters the body shaking our cells allowing us access to cellular memory and breaking through the tissues where we store blocked energy. Then using medicinal traditional chants these energies are moved from our bodies into the Spirit World where they can be released. Traditionally, you cannot wake up one day and decide that you are becoming a Healer; this is a path chosen for you by your Elders and Ancestors.

Because of Jeremy’s commitment to sharing his intimate knowledge of the traditional healing he has worked alongside some of today’s most recognised western Spiritual Leaders including the Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, Rev Michael Beckwith, Dr Wayne Dywer, Greg Braden, Eckhart Tolle and Doreen Virtue. With an international client base, Jeremy is in high demand globally.

For information or bookings, please contact Jeremy at : healing@jeremydonovan.com.au

Mobile : 0410 779 789

"What Good is a GIFT if you have no-one to share it with"Jeremy Donovan



Louise Hay (Hay House)– I have never felt something vibrate inside my body like that, truly amazing

Rev Michael Beckwith (Agape Church)– This was a Truly amazing Experience.