Jeremy Donovan stands on the stages of the world Sharing the 60,000 year old wisdom and understandings of his culture, heritage and ancestry. Through his captivating and informative presentations, he unites the many worlds that we all come from. His background could have entrapped him into a life of insignificance, however his choices, his connections and rediscovery of his culture allowed him to confront his life’s direction and to consciously make changes. These steps are available to all who are inspired by his presence as he shares his story.

When you meet Jeremy Donovan, a man with an open heart meets you. Willing to share the truth of all that he represents. Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, but Descending from Kuku-Yalanji tribe of far Northern Queensland, Jeremy Donovan is one of Australia’s most celebrated Keynote speakers and Performers. With youtube videos being viewed by over 2 million viewers. Jeremy is Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal Didgeridoo player. Jeremy’s exceptional skill with the didgeridoo, and extensive knowledge of his cultural heritage has earned him the recognition of his peer’s as a master storyteller and performer.


Jeremy has had many great influences in his life, which include his Grandfather and a number of Tribal elders from his community and others across Australia. These influences continue to provide Jeremy with greater ambitions to show the true richness of his amazing Cultural heritage.


As a Keynote Speaker, audiences are enthralled. Jeremy speaks with wisdom and eloquence well beyond his years. With an ability to connect with people from the stage, people do not hear Jeremy speak they simply feel Jeremy Speak. Speaking on a range of subjects from his personal life to achieving dreams. Whatever Jeremy speaks about you can be guaranteed the listeners will be captivated as he takes them on his Journey.


One of Jeremy’s greatest passions is working with youth. Jeremy knows aswell as anyone the struggles of growing up. Sharing his life’s wisdom with Young people is a huge part of Jeremy’s Journey.

Working with Indigenous youth, Jeremy encourages and empowers the youth to walk in the footprints of their culture and to bring their own understandings, skills and talents out to be the strong unique individuals they are, united by the heritage of thousands of years of culture.

Jeremy travels to both remote and urban communities working with youth development. Jeremy’s work with youth is based around building self esteem, self worth and gaining a greater understanding of Identity, the same battle Jeremy once faced. His message is powerful, purpose based and straightforward.

“Learn your culture be proud of where you come from, and never forget the struggle the generations before us have faced. Don’t blame others for your trouble or problems. You control your own Destiny. Your only limitation in this life is the one you place on yourself.”

Jeremy is extremely focussed on the development of his music, art and sharing his intimate knowledge of Traditional Healing and Sacred Ceremony. Jeremy is determined to share with others the Sacredness of his Culture to help break away the walls of ignorance

“I make it my job to educate people from all corners of the world about the beauty that exists within our sacred and traditional culture”


Jeremy is also a talented well-recognised artist with a growing reputation. His art has now been featured in four solo exhibitions. On all occasions, his entire bodies of work have been sold. Jeremy’s artworks have gained a lot recognition from the USA with large private collections in California, Seattle and Colorado. In 2007 Jeremy had over 20 works displayed in the PARIS Casino, Las Vegas. Jeremy’s work is dynamic using modern expression and deep-rooted traditional stories. Jeremy has been described as one of the most collectable young Aboriginal Artist of Australia. For Jeremy, he often describes his artwork as a medicine for his spirit. He see’s his artwork as a gateway to connecting with his ancestors. “Painting is how I meditate”.


Since 2005 Jeremy spent extended periods of time working throughout the USA. Performing at festivals, corporate functions and different spiritual events. Jeremy is a deeply spiritual man who thrives on spending time with indigenous people from all over the world.

Jeremy has performed alongside some of the Worlds best musicians and composers including:

  • American band – System Of A Down
  • King Errisson – Neil Diamond’s percussionist
  • Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra

Jeremy has also toured extensively throughout USA, Canada, Hawaii, Tahiti, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Asia and the UK playing at both World Music Festivals and cultural centres.

Jeremy has played at many prestigious venues and events including:

  • Australia’s Parliament House
  • The Staple Centre Los Angeles,
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Amsterdam cruise liners
  • The Grand Opening of ground breaking film “Rabbit Proof Fence” (which shares close similarities to Jeremy’s family history).

Jeremy Has spoken alongside some of Today’s most influential speakers, some of which include:

  • Louise Hay
  • Wayne Dywer
  • Greg Braden
  • Rev Michael Beckwith
  • Eckhart Tolle

He has also Spoken and performed for corporate groups such as:

  • Coca Cola Amatil,
  • PepsiCo International,
  • The Northern Territory Tourism Commission
  • Tourism Australia,
  • Sony
  • NESA

Jeremy’s ability to captivate audiences is inspiring. Whether it is touching hearts with words of ageless cultural wisdom or mesmorising audiences with his masterful use of the ancient Didgeridoo. These are just some of the reasons that have seen Jeremy rise to become one of Australia’s most sort after speakers and performers.